Letterpress Machine

28 units of pre-war machinery

Letterpress Machine

A range of printing machines remain at The Royal Press, and many are still functioning today. Among these is an original Glockner-Mercedes dating back to 1956. We also have a Linotype Model 78 made in 1961, an intricate line-casting machine that makes casted rows of letter types by melting lead metal.

The Printing Blocks

150,000 blocks

Printing Blocks

We have a letter-block library that houses over 150,000 blocks in four different languages types: Roman alphabets, Chinese characters, Arabic and Tamil scripts. This unique polyglot collection reflects the multicultural community that The Royal Press has served throughout the years.

Printed Artefacts

85 years of social history

Printing Artefacts

The Royal Press had printed a wide range of materials dating back eight decades, including medicine boxes, wine labels, newspapers, and more. Printed memorabilia from liquor labels to old bus tickets to 1950s Peranakan calendars, tell a timeless story of the history of Melaka through its forgotten everyday treasures.

“Our vision is to become a treasured part of the Nation’s Heritage, by creating a must visit place in Melaka through the world’s only living letterpress museum.”